Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brown shoes and lunch at Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room

Woke up quite early this morning and waiting for time to search for brown shoes. What shoes is her size? All I know is 41/2 is 36 and 5 is 37 for women size shoes. But which size belongs to her. After looking around for quite some time at Parkson The Spring, I was unsure whether to buy so I just leave it till tomorrow noon.

Felt a little hungry and went to look for food. Look what I had for lunch. A nice delicious meal at Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room.

Xian Ding Wei
Taiwanese Tea Room
G49 & G50, The Spring Shopping Mall,
Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93300
Tel: 082-239008

The Menu Book - I ordered a very special food from here:

A glass of Taiwan Original Pearl Milk
Stewed Pork & Fish with White Cabbage

I like this seating place but I did not sit at this place - Maybe some other time when I visit this time again.

Taiwan Original Pearl Milk - My all time favourite drink.

After lunch I went back to see the brown shoes again. Will be here again tomorrow to have a look one more time whether I should buy or not. Maybe there isn't any correct size anymore as there might be no more stock.

Till another time another post.


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