Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sleepy moments of the Elles

It's been many days since I last see both of them. Miss them so much. Today it's another Sunday. Got nothing to do so I thought maybe I will just upload some pictures of the Elles.

When I took their pictures the other day, both of them were sleeping soundly. I gave a yell at them so that they will look fresh when I snap their pictures. But just look at them. They don't look alert at all. They must be wondering what was the fuss about. Pictures again? So boring to them. I don't think they like their pictures to be taken at all. They don't have a cheerful look here.

Perhaps the next time, I will first offer them treats. Good idea?

How have both of you been today on Sunday, 4.02 pm? See you all real soon. Be good okay!

Latest photos of Elsa and Elly they are awake when these pictures were taken.


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