Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We will miss Marble!

Hello, this is Marble our new neighbor's dog from Johor Bahru. All the way from JB. She is so cute and adorable but shy but she is more friendly to us nowadays. Maybe she has adjusted her new life at her new home here. Marble and Nickie/Blackie used to be neighbors too until this morning when they were taken back to Pasir Pinji. So Marble has less two friends now. I wonder what breed Marble is. She looks like Dalmation Mix. Wonder how old she is now.

Soon, Marble will be leaving us too. Heard that she will be given to another family. I wish our neighbor will continue to keep her. But if she is leaving our neighborhood I will have less another friend. This morning Nickie and Blackie just left us and soon it will be Marble.

Marble we will miss you dearly. Please don't go!


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