Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When will I see you again, Nickie & Blackie?

One morning on January 27, 2012 I heard barking sound from outside. So I went to investigate where the sound came from. I was so happy to see a cute brown puppy with blue eyes opposite our house compound. Our neighbor's new pet.

From then on we would take Nickie to our house and play with him whenever we can. Already taken bath for him three times during his visit to our home. Another friend whom I know when I was home the other day is Blackie. Blackie is much obedient and quiet compared to Nickie. She had two times shower at our place. A very unique puppy. Blackie never struggled or tried to sneak away whenever we bathe him. Here are several pictures of them since I started knowing them. We will miss both Nickie and Blackie a lot because our neighbor has already taken them back to Pasir Pinji this morning.

When will I see you again, Nickie dear and Blackie our new friend? We will miss you dearly and I guess Elly and Elsa also will feel the same way too.


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