Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blackie is back!

Remember once I wrote something about Blackie will be leaving us? Well I am real glad he is back again with us since March 9, 2012. It has been quite some time he left us to be with it's owner mom in Pasir Pinji. I took Blackie back to our home for a shower last Sunday and guess what. He is a real good boy. Very seldom we can find a puppy who will sit still during shower time. Blackie had a good cold shower for a few minutes and after the bath his fur was silky shiny black again. Washed it's collar too and I realized he was wearing Nickie, his brother's collar. His is red in color. Might be taking him back for another time shower this coming Sunday. Oops! I can't as I will be going some where else on that day. Maybe another time another day, my little friend!

Few shots of Blackie with various position when he was with me last Sunday. Happy viewing.


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