Thursday, October 10, 2013

I love rainbow agar-agar

Remember I said I entered Taka Bakery finally because I wanted to see more of the cookies that are nicely packed in containers.. I ended up buying a pack of rainbow jelly or it is known as agar-agar pelangi. It was so nicely prepared and packed. Without thinking for a long time I took one of those in the fridge and paid. The price for the agar- agar was quite reasonable. Only RM7.50.. seriously, if I were to make some of those I don't think with that amount of money used I can make such nice agar-agar. There are so much work involved. Each time before pouring the next layer on top of another jelly it needs time for it to cool and harden a bit first. By the time one finishes pouring all the layers, buying from the bakery shop is even a faster job.

Just taken out from the quick chiller and ready to be cut

It has been cut and served on a mini plate.. the plate was given freemany many years back when I bought Lee Kum Kee premium oyster sauce. Rencently they are giving a small bowl with any purchase of LKK premium oyster sauce too.The weather is getting warmer and warmer nowadays. Must drink plenty of water. Maybe about 12 glasses per day or more.

Till another updates.


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