Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What 's up on December 28, 2011 morning, afternoon and night

I just finished updating December 27, 2011 and now I am moving on to December 28, 2011. Want to view some of Elly and Elsa's photos? Here they are.

Lunch time at Kahve, Jusco - I ordered nasi lemak chicken chop set. No photo taken of it as I thought what Eunice ordered was a better choice.

Then we went to look for Choon to stick screen guard to the GalaxyY phone. Just few steps and it was done. Simple? But if you ask me to do it, I will definately spoil the screen guard.

Then night time our dinner was "lou shi fan" at Pasir Puteh. My all time favourite.

Lunch on December 27, 2011 - Family reunion?

Another day again and it was December 27, 2011, two days after Christmas. Our neighbor, Fan gave us some chicken rice and we thought maybe we could save some money as we have free meal. But turned out we spent RM31.00 for lunch when we took away some dishes and vegetables from one of the coffee shop. No matter how much we paid for the lunch, I was happy as it was just like a "Family Reunion" meal.

Two shots of the food taken just before ate together.

The difference between these two pictures are taken were the dishes were not as warm as the one taken a minute earlier.

Night time dinner was at Jusco and we had ice-cream McFlurry while Fiona was buying her new handphone. Guess what model she bought? It's Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. The talktime length is up to 17 hours for 2G and 6 hours 20 minutes when using 3G. This phone comes in various option colors (If I am not mistaken, it has such beautiful features. Not only that. It also has changeable back covers in pearly white, dark black, fruity orange, some sort of bubblegum pink and silver platter) . Fiona told me it's really easy to use but I think I won't know how to go about it so how am I to think of buying one of them. Although Galaxy Y has only 2Mp camera but I think it's really a good phone. So light only 97.5g Weight so I think there is no weight problem when anyone who has this phone. Oh oh!! why am i saying so much about this phone when I wanted to say something about the ice-cream that we bought.

Below are few shots of McFlurry that we bought. I never realized they are so tasty. Just loved the texture. Anyone wants to have some McFlurry? Don't forget to drop by any McDonalds outlets. We bought ours at Jusco.

Another post again another time. Have fun reading.

A day after Christmas (2011)

On December 26, 2011 I started something that I have not done for the past years. What was that? Well, I started off a day after Christmas with clearing one part of the living room. It all began with newspaper selling. Then I searched for whatever can be sold and guess what happened I started to clear one part of the house that was the centre of our staircase at home. But I did not snap any photos of it on this day. What photos have been taken? Taraa here they are:

Happy viewing.

My good neighbor helping us to clean the floor. Such a sweet little girl. Other than this little cutie, introducing her brothers too.

Night time at Jusco watching Latin Belly Dance: