Sunday, January 8, 2012

1st post for the year 2012 - All about Elsa and Elly

Oops! how could I forgot to take pictures on January 1, 2012. Never mind nothing can changed that already. So I will just have to start off with January 2, 2012. Nothing much happened on this day except that I continue to clear the house. In between intervals I took some of Elly and Elsa's pictures. There was a only a picture of Elly. The rest were pictures of Elsa. Happy viewing.

Some photo shoots of Elly and Elsa

The two doggies and their new treat on December 30, 2011

Never thought Elsa and Elly would find their new treat a great challenge to them. They took quite a long time to finished chewing the new bone treat. I had a feeling they did not really enjoy chewing them as it was indeed a tiring job. Their jaws and teeth must be straining.

The next time we buy treats it may not be this type again. Try to observe how Elsa hide her treat from us. She was so afraid that we might snatch it from her so she found a little secret how to hide them.

Short post on December 29, 2011 - A happy child and dinner at Poh San Restaurant

What a happy child she is. Photos of our cute neighbor with multiple poses.

This was what we had for dinner on December 29, 2011 - Another family reunion dinner.

Dinner for 4 person - RM38.00 for the dishes we ordered