Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A special message to all mosquitoes!

This is the best picture I've ever received this month. I wonder how she drew and color it. She told me earlier on she drew with her hand on her hp but I am still cracking my head how she did it. She is so artistic. Forgot to ask her just now how long she took to draw that. Must be a creative person to be able to draw herself.

I hope she can draw more for me to make my day. Tonight, mosquitoes have been biting me non stop. They never grow tired of doing that. So much of my blood has sucked by them. Hope they are not the vampire mosquitoes that I feared most. From tomorrow, I will try to wear thicker clothing but will that help?

A special message to all the mosquitoes who had my blood in them and those who are going to bite me:

Hello to all the mosquitoes out there. Please stay away from me from now on. Let me tell you something which I've never done before. If you think of sucking my blood or just bite for fun, stop doing that. It is an offence to stay on my skin without asking me. Please do something good and all of you will lead a happier life.

Three beautiful gifts!

Chinese New Year is just next Monday and I am still on the road to recovery. I have been not feeling well since January 9, 2012 until three days ago. Hopefully everything will be back to normal again next week before my next flight home. Thank you Eunice for snapping and uploading the three pictures for me last night.

One of the hampers below is from Terry a special friend whom I've been calling "sailo" since years back. We only gave him some mandarin oranges and he gave us such a special gift for Chinese New Year. Thank you again for being someone special.

Snowing in Ipoh?

When I received this picture, I wanted to faint. What was happening in our home? Snowing? Nah.. that was not snow. How can snow be so colorful? It was just pieces of magazines stripes done by the naughties when no one was at home. How could they do that to us. They have been naughty no matter how we tried to train them not to be one. Thought about the whole situation again, it was not an easy job to tear the papers like that in such a short period. If ever they do this again with me around, they will have to stretch their skin properly for me to give them some comfort medicine.

Pomelo and the twins

The other night I received a message from home saying that Elly and Elsa think differently. One is scared of pomelo and the other one just love the smell of it. I was told that Elly is afraid of the sweet fruit which is called "Pomelo" However, Elsa was curious to find more about that special fruit whom many would like to give as a special gift on festive season. Just view the pictures below how both of them reacted to the fruit.

*Do you think it's wise to be precaution and scared of the things you have never seen before or is it smarter to be curious and sniff away on the things you have never experienced before?*