Friday, January 20, 2012

So expensive!

It has been weeks since I last ordered this dish. Then I thought I would like to tapao "Thai Curry Fish" from one of the food court near Everrise Supermarket. When I opened the container to pour the fish on the plate, I stared at the fish for a while, thinking could this be a dream. Why so little? RM8.00 for this dish? Oh no... how could it be true. I told myself this will be the final time ordering this "Thai Curry Fish" . I rather eat salted egg when I do not know what else to have for dinner.

Faster streamyx speed at 4mbps

Few days ago when I was not feeling well, I received a call from KL streamyx that our area in Stampin can received 4mbps streamyx line already. Now we are having 4mbps but the line is not stable yet. I was told to wait for another three days before the line is stable. Will continue to wait for another 36 hours.
Streamyx 4mbps RM140:
Free Wifi Modem
Free Cordless Phone
Free local and national call
Flat rate 10sen/min to all mobile and other fixed line nationwide.
Download Speed: 5mbps
Upload Speed: 512kbps
During the conversation I was told that I would be given:

- free Wireless Modem which covers one year warranty
- free cordless phone - self collect from any TM Point 1 month later
- free unlimited calls to all TM fixed lines within Malaysia
- 10 cents per minute call to non TM fixed lines and to all mobile lines
- applicable to existing fixed line owner and also new fixed line applicants

- the contract is at least one year. Customer needs to pay penalty RM350 if terminates
within 1 year. After 1 year, the customer may continue or terminate.

Dial 019-8865321 for City Plumbing

The water flow to the drain in the master bedroom was stucked for few days and in the end we couldn't stand any longer and so we called the number to the rescue. Now the water is flowing smoothly and there's no more leakage problem. Before the guy left, we asked him whether he will be off during Chinese New Year but he told us he will be on standby all the time. What and excellent service. No more headache when there is any pipe burst or plumbing work needed during Chinese New Year time. It's not easy to get such services nowadays. Thank you Mr. Plumbing man for everything.