Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reunion Lunch by myself

Having reunion lunch or dinner means eating together with family and friends? Today I came to understand one can have reunion lunch and dinner alone too. Since I've recovered from fever so I started cooking again. I was afraid that I do not know what to eat out side since many hawker food stalls and coffee shops have already closed for Chinese New Year. Maybe some of the shops are still open but with the warm weather outside 29 degrees, I prefer to stay at home.

This are the two dishes that I cooked thinking my other housemates will be home for meal but I received a call from both of them saying... " sorry we couldn't make it" and this means I will be having reunion lunch by myself. So three of us will be having reunion meal in separate places.

I am boiling some ginger chicken soup (a new recipe I created just now) for tea time. Hope the hot soup will help to get rid of the one year wind hidden in my stomach.

Last Minute Shopping at the Spring Mall

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! I love this year's decoration at the Spring Mall. So many sweet mandarin oranges. I wonder what material they are made of.

I've not much time to update this post so it will be a short brief one. First thing we did when we left the house was to fill some food in the stomach and this was what I had. Tung Fan with meat balls/fish balls soup. Costs RM4.50. Expenisve? I guess the price is quite reasonable. Oh yeah, forgot to say where the place that we had our breakfast. It was Kenyalang Hawker Centre. We managed to get a parking place very fast and need not waited long.

After breakfast we went to the Spring Mall and we were so happy to see the parking lot was still not occupied yet. No long queue needed for today. How I wish every week we could choose to park the car without having to queue. How many cars can you see right now? :)

After we parked the car, we had to wait for another half an hour for the main entrance door to be opened at 10.00 am. Once the door was opened the first place we went was Parkson Gents Department. I bought two t-shirts and a short sleeve shirt and a Hush Puppies t-shirt. After that we went for our lunch.

This was the first time I had to humilate myself for ordering a set of Junior Dine In 4pc Fried Wanton/BBQ Chicken/Chicken Ric (small)/Soup of the Day/Strawberry Drink at RM9.90. All for the sake of a CNY plushie at RM3.99 as a little birthday gift for Fiona. I hope nobody noticed what I was eating but I remembered there was a little girl who looked at me for quite some time wondering why I ordered a Kid Meal. In future I rather pay extra for a plushie.

After doing a little shopping at Ta Kiong Supermarket, we went home at about 2.00 pm feeling real tired and today is another day again. Will start cutting the ingredients to cook for Reunion Lunch/Dinner so will see you in another post. Happy Chinese New Year again to all. Gong Xi Gong Xi.