Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 2 Chinese New Year 2012 - A Date at Kenny Rogers The Spring Mall

In a few hours time, it will be Day 3 Chinese New Year where I will be flying to the west again. What I had and how I spend my time today? Nothing much happened except that I was happy I could have a delicious meal at Kenny Rogers.

This was what I ordered. 1/4 Meal Black Pepper Chicken with three side dishes and a banana muffin. Drinks? I just ordered plain warm water. After having my lunch I went walking heading to no where at the Spring Mall. Wanted to watch We Not Naughty the Movie but I don't think it is showing at MBO here so maybe I will just watch the movie in Singapore.

H.I.P. is not open today. At first I thought I wanted to have something light there when I couldn't get the watch "We Not Naughty" but seems that the shop is closed till tomorrow. Will have to wait before I can have lunch or tea break next month.

Just before I went to Ta Kiong Supermarket I dropped by Speedy to buy Ombak Rindu dvd. I knew it's a nice show although I have not watch it yet. Read the synopsis:
All About Ombak Rindu
Just received a sms from Fiona a moment ago about "Jerky" the word. Did not sound familiar to me until I found it from http://en.wikipedia.org/After doing some window shopping, I went to Ta Kiong Supermarket again and there I bought two bottles of pepper at RM5.00. 4 pieces of mandarin oranges, a can of longan and two bottles of drinking water. Opened one bottle already and the other one I will take it to the airport tomorrow.

As I came out from Ta Kiong Supermarket, I took three pictures, one each of Old Town White Coffee, KFC and Pizza Hut. Nothing better to do, haha!

After paying for the parking ticket, I gave a smile at our friend and a little red packet in the slot. Have a nice Chinese New Year day, my friend.

Reached home around 2.40. At that time Putri Yang Ditukar - Episode 69 if I am not mistaken. Did not complete the full Episode as I was feeling quite tired and went upstairs to have a short nap as I boiled Herbal Chicken Soup for dinner.

After having enough rest, I went downstairs and cut the vegetables helping my housemate. She fried the mix vegetables for dinner. I left the frying job to her because I wanted to do some ironing.

There it is... the vegetables are cooked and ready to be filled in the stomach.

Colorful isn't it? Wanted to write more, but the mosquitoes are trying to attack me again. I am now watching "Bruce Lee, My Brother.
Short synopsis: This film dramatizes the life of Bruce Lee, kung fu king of the 70'ssilver screen who rocked Asia and the word with his charisma and fiery fists. The synopsis source taken from Astro Channel 311.
Till another post.

** I miss Elsa and Elly a lot. They are now not at home. They went for holidays for three days too from today**