Friday, February 10, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai & Madame Alexander Toys with Happy Meal

So what's for lunch. Wanted to buy Madame Alexander Toy (Gretel) since February 8, 2012. I was told that I could only buy the toy from February 9, 2012. The next day I went to Boulevard with my housemate hoping to have lunch at McDonalds. Failed again? Today was the 3rd attempt I tried to buy the toy and I was glad in the end I do not have to try for 4th attempt.
More on what happened for the past two days about my experienced to go to McDonalds

A free Power Rangers Samurai (Superhero Action) and Madame Alexander (Fairytale Classics) toys with any purchase of Happy Meal set.

At last I managed to buy Gretel for my neighbor's daughter free with the purchase of Happy Meal Set and not only that. We also ordered Prosperity Burger McValue Lunch Set at RM12.05. So we went there at 12.00 pm sharp. After we paid the cashier and found a place to sit I turned around at the counter and there are so many people queueing to buy their meals.

Had a good contented lunch. Will be here again around the same time next Thursday or Friday.