Sunday, February 26, 2012

Story of a pair of brown court shoes

Two weeks ago I went searching for a pair of brown shoes for Fiona. I thought it would be difficult to find one in Kuching as Fiona and Eunice have been looking for it at nearly shops they could remember back home. God is good to me and He is always good He guided me to the place straight away. I did not have to spend a lot of time searching for the shoes.

I asked the promoter for size 37. At first I thought 37 is size 5. She told me they still have 37 but not 36. I replied it was alright as I was looking for size 37. Then I called Fiona if she wanted the shoes. I spent a lot of time thinking to buy or not. Unfortunately I couldn't show her the photo of the shoes. I was afraid it size might not fit her feet so after several messages sent to Fiona I cancelled my plan to buy the shoes.

Then yesterday, my housemate asked me whether I want to have lunch at the Spring or not. I was reluctant at first because it was raining non stop since early in the morning. But the rain stopped at 9 something in the morning so we carried on our plan to go to The Spring. I've no intention to buy or find any brown shoes again as Fiona already bought a pair in Ipoh. The moment we arrived the shopping complex, I went to look for a pair of slippers for myself. Suddenly I twisted my right foot a little due to clumsiness. So I just sat at a nearby seat and looked around for any right choice of slippers. Then I saw one side of the brown shoes again. The one I nearly bought the other day.

The promoter just straight away went to the store room and took size 36 shoes for me and asked me was me who ordered the pair of shoes. I was surprised and told her indeed I was interested in them last two weeks but I did not ask her to order any of the sizes for me. When I opened the box, guess it was size 36 and I said to her. Why is it number 36 is size 5 and not 37. She told me it is local size. Different countries different sizes.

After thinking hard in the end I told the promoter maybe she misunderstood me the other time as I did not have any thoughts of getting the shoes. As I walked out from Parkson, I sms Fiona again. After sending her a few messages in the end I went back and bought the brown shoes. Hope Fiona will like this shoes and fit her feet.

Brown court shoes are not all that common at all as most of the colors I've seen are mostly black or white. Hope this pair is a good working shoes for her to go to work.