Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1 up 1 down Elsa and straight down Elly!

Elly and Elsa are here again to say "Hello". It's been quite a while since I took any pictures of them. As time passes by, I grew lazier and lazier in posting my blog so I thought today maybe is a good day to put up some pictures of them before I get lazy again.

When I was taking most of their pictures they were actually quite sleepy and at times the shots of them were when they were sleeping and I yell at them " WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" Very bad of me yea to disturb and intterupt them dreaming in puppyland. Elsa ears has been like this again - meaning one up the other down: Yes Sir, No Sir since July 2011. I think it will remain to be like that for the rest of her life. At first I was not very comfortable with her ears and I've been trying to ask people around me why is her ears like that then until one day, we went for a car ride and saw her brother who is staying with another owner near Tambun area, I forgot what garden his brother is staying, his ears are also like Elsa's then I stop asking people as maybe it is just due to genetic. One ear from the father's gene the other one from mother's.

As for Elly's tail who can't wag at all since the day we took her back from the field, I just home she won't have any difficulty when she gets older.

We will be away Sunday for a while and I think when we come back home in the evening, our home will turn into war zone. Oops! I hear some thunderstorm out there and I think I better stop updating time being or I have to say goodbye to my laptop. Till another time.

Few pictures of both of them that I snapped recently.

Have enough view of them? No? Yes? If the answer is no I will update again their pictures soon.

Blackie is back!

Remember once I wrote something about Blackie will be leaving us? Well I am real glad he is back again with us since March 9, 2012. It has been quite some time he left us to be with it's owner mom in Pasir Pinji. I took Blackie back to our home for a shower last Sunday and guess what. He is a real good boy. Very seldom we can find a puppy who will sit still during shower time. Blackie had a good cold shower for a few minutes and after the bath his fur was silky shiny black again. Washed it's collar too and I realized he was wearing Nickie, his brother's collar. His is red in color. Might be taking him back for another time shower this coming Sunday. Oops! I can't as I will be going some where else on that day. Maybe another time another day, my little friend!

Few shots of Blackie with various position when he was with me last Sunday. Happy viewing.