Saturday, March 24, 2012

The 3 little kittens

Hi, today has been a long day for me. Woke up early this morning. Mopped the living room and the kitchen (dry and wet). Found another few spots of dark stained blood. I am still wondering if the blood stained belongs to a godzilla or just a lizard. Once I even thought there was a snake in the house. So scared to go downstairs in the morning but my neighbors told me "oh that blood stained, belongs to a pregnant lizard or either and injured one". Then I was not so afraid anymore. Maybe one day will just put two paper sticker to welcome the blood stained owner. But then I was too scared to do that. So how yea?

On Saturday, which is today we went to Bercham coffee shop to have our breakfast. I ordered "lou shi fan" kicap noodle and some "Dai Kao Meen" or direcet translation maybe it is called "Big Face Apam Balik". I do not know what it is called in English. It's one of my favourites. After breakfast with ta pao some for our neighbor's kids. I am sure they love the kacang pancakes too.

On reaching home I prepared the ingredients for the ikan jacket that I bought from the market two days back. Tonight we will have fish with rice dish. It has been ages since I cooked that dish.

See the three little kittens above and below? They were the cute kittens we saw at the Ipoh East Veterinary Clinic. Cute yea? But we couldn't adopt the kittens because we had Elly and Elsa at home. If we take back one of the kittens then there will surely be a war zone 2012 created back at home soon. It's getting late now. Will rest a while before I start cooking again. Till another time.

Happy viewing the not so clear pictures. The three kittens were hugging each other while playing. They are really adorable.