Thursday, March 29, 2012

What is happening to Elly - Elly throwing up yellow bile

As usual I will be feeding the Elles biscuits with milk but this morning Elly was not interested at all. When i gave the food to her she was not excited to come near her bowl. It was not like her. Normally she would be jumping and waited for the food anxiously. At first I thought it could be the milk she was afraid of. Then I realized it was the biscuits. It's like phobia to her seeing dog biscuits of any kind. I am saying this because she does not really want her biscuit treat too.

Now she is lying infront of the front door. Her nose is quite dry. I hope she will be okay. To those who dropped by I will be thankful and appreciate if you all can say a little prayer for her health. Elly is only about 1 year 4 months old. Hope that she will have her normal appetite again soon. She may be naughty at many times but it's sad to see her unwell. "Do get well soon, Elly!"

Latest pictures of Elly on March 29, 2012 - afternoon: sunny day no rain yet -

Pictures taken at 2.50 pm - Elly vomited a few times including in the cage.

5.35pm on March 29, 2012

These two pictures taken at 5.35 pm after we cleaned the big pool of vomit. It was yellowish in color much bigger pool than earlier on.

Elly is watching Eunice mopping the floor.

Pictures of Elly waiting for Elsa to finish her food or rather waiting for her to unfinish it. Elly waiting there lying down though she is still unwell.

Dated on March 29, 2012 at 9.20 pm

Elly before going to bed - 11.20 pm

Elly brushing her teeth - method biting Dental Chew. Good night Elly. Please don't throw up anything anymore.

Till another day.