Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lunch at 3.15pm on April Fool's Day - April 1, 2012

This morning I woke up early as usual. Went to have breakfast at Liang Tang, Ipoh Jaya with family. I ordered "Hor Hee" as usual at RM3.30 per bowl. Some missing and extra word with the spelling but it's okay the noodles tasted delicious. After that we went straight home and I did my usual routine cleaning the little mess in the house and laundry work.

Then what was next, I would never want to miss going online for a while. Then at around 1 pm I was feeling real hungry and so I gave Imm my cousin a call. I asked where she was at that time and complaining to her my stomach growling very hungry already. She told me she would be on the way to go for lunch with me soon. While waiting I ate some chocolate rolls (biscuits that we bought from night market) I finished the biscuits within minutes as I was getting very hungry already. Guess what, when Imm arrived she said why not we go to the famous noodles coffee shop for our meal. I was quite reluctant at first as I've been mentioning my stomach couldn't wait much longer. Anyway I just said okay, I knew it when we reached there, we could hardly find any good place to sit. The coffee shop was so packed with people who had their late lunch or maybe tea break.

I was happy in the end we managed to find a small place at the corner. We took our order and while waiting, I realized there was some water coming in through the window shutters. I thought it was raining on a very sunny day at first but then I was wrong. It was just water splashed in a little due to the running water outside while a lady was washing the plates and bowls quickly as there were not enough. I chatted a while with the kind friendly lady and was glad I got to know a new friend while waiting for our noodles to arrive.

After waited for nearly an hour, it was our turn and we finished eating in such a short time. Waiting was longer then we finished the food. Had a good time with Imm and hope to see her again soon for another meal somewhere in Ipoh.

Below are few shots of pictures taken from the famous noodles coffee shop. Just look at the crowd. I enjoyed the meal although it was something rare for me to have lunch at 3.15 pm.

Imm and us having our meal. Could not see the rest of us as we had not enough space to take the pictures of everyone. Bill time: RM29.00 for the food - Cheap? Okay? Expensive? Reasonable price? No matter how much they cost I enjoyed the meal very much as Imm was with us for the day. Thank you Imm for joining us for lunch or rather tea time.