Saturday, May 26, 2012

A bad experienced on a Friday - Thief breaking

Woke up after a long nap for about 1 hour plus or so. After taking my shower I thought maybe I should take a short nap but I ended up sleeping for more than an hour. Woke up at 3.30pm and I peeped through the window and I could feel like it was going to rain heavily.

Took another time shower again before going downstairs and see if I could online a while. But when I went down it already started to drizzle together with strong wind. I opened and closed the front door quickly before the rain water came in. My RM15.00 slippers were soaking wet very fast due to the heavy rain all of a sudden. The rain was accompanied by thunderstorm and lightning. I guessed it was the heaviest rain I've ever experienced since I came back here.

At around 5.00 pm I went to open the gate waiting for my housemate to return home. Did not cook so I waited for her to tapa, hmm.. guess what was for my dinner? Will let you all know later. Never mind will just say it now. Yesterday I had spare-rib rice.

When I opened the padlock I found something weird happening. Eh... how come the hook for the pad lock was broken. I thought maybe the gate was a bit old already as the house is around 10 years old by now. But then my heart went cold for a moment, I was shocked to see the grill of the gate being cut. Oh no... HELP!! got thief tried to break in. The weird part was how come he did not jump over and why he took the troube to cut the pad lock hook and then cut the grill of the gate after that. I really don't understand what was his intention. Already called the police regarding this matter.
A short video clips on how heavy the rain was and how strong the wind that could blew anyone who stands in the rain at that time.
So sorry, as I am no good in capturing a video. Have to bend sideways to watch the short video clips.

The guys came but they have to stop work a while to wait for the rain to stop. Rain.. rain... go away come again another day.
While the guys were resting, one of them said it was suspected that the thief may have wanted to steal the gas cylinder as nowadays the cost of the gas cylinder is expensive.

Will buy a brown color paint to paint the gate during Gawai holidays next week.

Just don't like the new interface took so long for me to update one short post like this.