Thursday, October 10, 2013

I love rainbow agar-agar

Remember I said I entered Taka Bakery finally because I wanted to see more of the cookies that are nicely packed in containers.. I ended up buying a pack of rainbow jelly or it is known as agar-agar pelangi. It was so nicely prepared and packed. Without thinking for a long time I took one of those in the fridge and paid. The price for the agar- agar was quite reasonable. Only RM7.50.. seriously, if I were to make some of those I don't think with that amount of money used I can make such nice agar-agar. There are so much work involved. Each time before pouring the next layer on top of another jelly it needs time for it to cool and harden a bit first. By the time one finishes pouring all the layers, buying from the bakery shop is even a faster job.

Just taken out from the quick chiller and ready to be cut

It has been cut and served on a mini plate.. the plate was given freemany many years back when I bought Lee Kum Kee premium oyster sauce. Rencently they are giving a small bowl with any purchase of LKK premium oyster sauce too.The weather is getting warmer and warmer nowadays. Must drink plenty of water. Maybe about 12 glasses per day or more.

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Lunch at Ting Hao Jusco Ipoh - Shrimp With Tofu Stir-Fry Recipe

After watching the movie "MIRROR MIRROR" we went to have our lunch at Ting Hao Jusco. I ordered Shrimp with Tofu Shir-Fry at Ting Hao Jusco. This was the second time I ordered the same menu here in a week. To those who have not tried eating this menu, I can say it is worth ordering as I think it is not a bad choice. Remember to eat it with "chilli padi" then it will be more yummy.

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Shrimp WithTofu Stir-Fry Recipe - - 214754

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Places to go when visiting Ipoh - Must eat places in Ipoh

Ipoh Food Index 

1. Bean Sprout Chicken
2. Won Ton Mee
3. Salted Chicken / Ayam Garam
4. Cendol
5. Chee Cheong Fun
6. Popiah
7. Heong Peng / Heong Piah
8. Curry Noodles
9. Ipoh White Coffee
10. Yong Liew / Yong Tau Fu
11. Hakka Noodles
12. Dim Sum
13. Rojak & Pasembur
14. Wat Tan Hor
15. Porridge
16. Prawn Noodles
17. Kai See Hor Fun
18. Laksa
19. Satay
20. Nasi Kandar
21. Char Kuey Teow
22. Curry Fish Head
23. Bak Kut Teh (BKT)
24. Hainan Pau
25. Ais Kacang / Air Batu Campur (ABC)
26. Egg Tarts
27. Steamboat
28. Claypot Chicken Rice
29. Vegetarian Food
30. Kaya Puff

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Introducing Iris, my good friend

It has been a long time since I last updated my blog. Today I am going to write something brief about my new friend, Iris given by a good friend of mine on June 2, 2012. It has been three and half months since Iris has been staying with us. Time passes so quickly and before I realized, Iris will be 5 months old in two days time.
Let me tell you something about her. She is fierce, aggresive but  at times she is very obedient and will sit stilll to listen what I am trying to tell her.

Name: Iris
Date of Birth: April 16, 2012
Mother's Name: Gah Teng (died of unknown sickness - sudden death when Iris was about two months old)
Father: Jungle dog
Name given by Fiona
Breed: Local
Markings/Colors: White with brown spots 
Health record: Demodicosis
Favourite color: Green
Favourite drink: Warm water
Dislike: Dog's cane, Left alone
Diet: Salmon & Lamb Meal with Rice Biscuits (Blackwood) mix with milk for breakfast and porridge for dinner.
Nap time: From 1.00 - 4.00 pm daily
Sleeping time: 12.30 am - 7.15am ( wakes up every now - she is a light sleeper

Iris will only bark at certain people whom she feels is dangerous or unsafe to her. She don't bark at cats.
Her response when she sees me taking treats to feed her.

She will not disturb us whenever we have our meals. She will just sit somewhere to wait for her turn and when will her turn be? She knows whenever it's her dinner time. After the opening theme of the sinetron after 7.00 pm she will start barking non stop until she sees her food. She finished eating and did everything she needs to do in less than 20 minutes. That's what is so special about her. She will try not to let me wait.

There's really a lot more about her but I just do not know how to put in words over here. Will post more photos of her from time to time whenever I can. Till another post.

More pictures of her today