Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Early Lunch at Nam Fatt Fish Ball Noodle House (南发鱼丸面餐馆), Jalan kampar

As we were about to go out for late breakfast, I told my daughter I would want to go to go to the famous Big Tree Foot a.k.a. Dai Shu Geok at Pasir Pinji, Ipoh. After parking our car, we went in the stall but looked like stall was just opened and most of the deep fried fish paste stuffed yong tau fu were not ready yet.

We had no other choice but to look for somewhere else to eat. I was getting very hungry already and so after we found a good car park, we entered Nam Fatt Fish Ball Noodle House at Jalan Kampar. This was the first time I've been there if I could recalled. Found a place to sit easily as there were not many people at this hour. From late breakfast now we would be having early lunch. We ordered some stuffed yong tau fu and a bowl of fish ball noodles.

From what I've heard, Nam Fatt Fish Ball Noodle House was first opened since more than 20 years ago from just a fish ball noodle stall  to an air-conditioned restaurant. No doubt their food taste good and I will surely come here again soon. Most probably next weekend. Hope we can get a place to sit as easily as today.

This place is worth visiting for those who love Yong Tau Foo.

Location: No. 86C, Jalan Permaisuri Bainun, 30250, Ipoh, Perak  30250, Malaysia
Tel: +60 5-253 6454
Business Hours : 8am – 10.45pm (Daily)

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Have you watched Insidious Chapter 2? - Full synopsis of Insidious Chapter 2 the movie

Just finished watching Insidious Chapter 2 yesterday. One word for me to describe the show. Nice... for those who wanted to know more about what is the story about In Insidious Chapter 2, here are the full synopsis of the story.  More secrets of the family has been revealed in this movie.

Insidious Chapter 2

It was in the year 1986. Elise Rainer (Lindsay Seim) went up the Lambert home and knocks on the door after she parks her car outside. Lorraine Lambert (Jocelin Donahue), Josh's mother opens the door and Elise went in. The story continues.

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